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Transportation and customs clearance of goods from China

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China is the largest exporter in the world, with huge volumes of cargo crossing its border every day. Air cargo is considered to be one of the most convenient and fastest ways to transport goods from China. They allow you to deliver a large or small consignment of goods to the territory of Russia in the shortest possible time. However, there are some features that should be studied.

Features of cargo transportation


Due to its convenient location in relation to Russia, goods from China are delivered by different types of transport. But if the goods are perishable or fast delivery is required for some other reason, use air transportation. The region in which customs clearance will be carried out depends on the wishes of the customer and, to some extent, on the type of transport:

  1. Frequently, cargo shipped by air is cleared upon arrival at the airport - it is quick, convenient and allows the customer to dispose of the cargo at his own discretion when it is removed from the warehouse. The main host airport is Sheremetyevo.
  2. Goods delivered by sea can be cleared through customs in St. Petersburg, Novorossiysk, Nakhodka, Vladivostok.
  3. Customs clearance of consignments of goods transported by rail is carried out at the customs posts of Khovrino and Vorsino.

In principle, the cargo can be cleared through customs in any of the EAEU countries, which includes: the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia.

Advantages of air delivery from China

Air transportation from China to Russia has many advantages that make this method of transportation more efficient and profitable. The list includes:

  1. Enhanced security. Since the most secure mode of transport is the plane, the risks associated with the loss of products are minimal. Constant monitoring and high technology allow tracking the batch throughout the entire journey.

  2. High speed. This advantage makes it possible to transport perishable goods or medical supplies.

  3. Air transportation from China, due to the use of large compartments, makes it possible to transport consignments of any type or shape.

  4. Availability. There are airports in almost all major cities in China, so it will not be difficult to pick up a parcel after air delivery.

  5. Stability. Due to the large number of flights, even if one is canceled, transportation can take place using the other.

At the request of the customer, the package can be insured against damage, loss or other problems related to transportation.

Types of transported goods


Air transportation of goods from China to Russia can be carried out in several ways. The first one involves the transportation of goods in a grouped form In other words, one container can contain goods from several customers at once. This method is popular with small businesses or companies. It is used to move parcels weighing up to 200 kilograms. Thus, the customer does not have to overpay for a half-empty container or expect large deliveries to be fully filled. The method is optimal for small companies. But you need to be prepared for the fact that it will take time (up to 5 days) to prepare the combined batch, and customs clearance will also take longer, subject to many formalities.

Another way to deliver goods from China to Moscow or any other city in the Russian Federation is general cargo. This option is used by companies that move large quantities. At the same time, there is no confusion with the order, since all the goods are transported for one end person. The container is sealed after loading the goods and is not opened until arriving at the destination.

In addition, the types of goods transported using Chinese air transport are divided depending on their direct purpose:

  • medicines;
  • perishable;
  • Common consumption goods;
  • dangerous goods;
  • electronics, home appliances and more.

For such products, the sea or railway route is not suitable, since the time frame is much longer than in the case of an airplane.

Express delivery from China by aircraft is also used for other goods, including securities, documents, equipment, car parts.

Nuances of air delivery of cargo from China


Air delivery from China to the territory of the Russian Federation makes it possible to receive goods quickly and in complete safety. Moreover, the procedure has some nuances. So, for example, there is a simplified type of customs clearance that makes transportation from China more profitable.

Another nuance is a convenient logistic structure. The presence of a large number of airports makes it possible to send a batch anywhere in the country. In this case, containers are most often used for moving. They are selected depending on the dimensions of the aircraft compartment and the weight of the cargo.

However, the main nuance is the conditions of movement. Chinese sellers can offer customers one of three options:

  • Pickup. The entire delivery process is entirely on the shoulders of the customer, including costs and risks.

  • Free to the plane. The seller guarantees the safety of the cargo from the moment of shipment to the moment of delivery to the airliner. In this case, the entire transportation process is divided into two sides.

  • Moving to the destination. In this case, the persons agree in advance to what place the parcel will be delivered under the control of the seller (for example, to Moscow, and from this point to the next it is delivered by the customer independently).

More detailed information on the nuances of delivery can be obtained from companies involved in this type of service.

Tariffs and an example of calculation for air delivery from China


To make a calculation, you need to determine the conditions and know:

  • characteristics (type, dimensions, weight, HS code);

  • required delivery time;

  • route including final destination.

But other factors also affect the price of air transportation, including the availability of insurance and escort, the type of packaging, the type and nature of the cargo. On average, the indicator varies between 300-2500 rubles per 1 kilogram. The minimum threshold is determined by delivery in two weeks, the maximum - in 2-3 days.

If intermediaries are used for air delivery, then almost everyone has special calculators that, after entering data on location and destination, weight and volume, will indicate the approximate cost of the procedure.

Despite the wide variety of transportation methods, air transportation is very popular among businesses and individuals. To save money and complete the entire procedure quickly and easily, it is recommended to take into account all the features and nuances of such a movement of goods from China.

Customs clearance of goods

Customs clearance of goods is complicated by the fact that the declarant must prepare an impressive package of documents, classify each type of goods according to the commodity nomenclature of foreign economic activity, and calculate payments. Who will do it: he himself or a customs broker acting on his behalf, depends on his desire. If the declarant does not have the necessary knowledge and experience, then it is better that customs clearance is carried out by a professional.

Note! The difficulty of working with China also lies in the mismatch of work cycles. In Russia, the New Year is celebrated from late December to almost mid-January, and in China - from late January to late February. Commercial activities and, in particular, workflow are significantly hampered. To avoid delays, it is recommended that all shipments be scheduled before the Chinese New Year.

For customs clearance, documents about the company will be required:

  • scans of statutory and registration documents;

  • charter, including an electronic version in Word;

  • certificate of OGRN, TIN, KPP;

  • extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities;

  • certificate of account opening made within the last month;

  • decision and order on the appointment of the general director.

And also documents for delivery:

  • a copy of the foreign economic activity contract in full;

  • bank statements confirming the payment of the contract;

  • transaction passport;

  • invoice or invoice;

  • packing list / specification;

  • transport contract;

  • insurance;

  • permits - certificates, declarations;

  • documents confirming the customs value;

  • payment order for payment of customs duties.

Having prepared the documents and classifying the goods, you need to determine the rate of import duty by the code and calculate the payments.


The customs duty is calculated on the basis of the customs value, the latter being the sum of the value of the goods and the logistics costs of transporting the goods to the border of the Russian Federation.

Please note that anti-dumping duties have been established on some Chinese-made goods, which protect domestic producers. So, for example, anti-dumping duties are set on stainless steel - up to 18.9%, on bearings - up to 41.%.

VAT can be 0%, 10% or 20%. This payment is calculated from the amount of the TS and the customs duty. In addition, customs duties include customs duties. From August 1, 2020, the tariffs of customs duties have been changed.

Amount of goods collected Amount of collection

does not exceed 200 thousand rubles. inclusive


200 thousand rubles 1 kopeck and more, but does not exceed 450 thousand rubles. Inclusive


450 thousand rubles 1 kopeck and more, but does not exceed 1200 thousand rubles. inclusive


1200 thousand rubles 1 kopeck and more, but does not exceed 2700 thousand rubles. inclusive


2700 thousand rubles. 1 kopeck and more, but does not exceed 4200 thousand rubles. Inclusive


4200 thousand rubles. 1 kopeck and more, but does not exceed 5500 thousand rubles. Inclusive


5500 thousand rubles. 1 kopeck and more, but does not exceed 7000 thousand rubles. inclusive


7000 thousand rubles 1 kopeck and more, but does not exceed 8000 thousand rubles. inclusive


8000 thousand rubles 1 kopeck and more, but does not exceed 9000 thousand rubles. inclusive


9000 thousand rubles 1 kopeck and more, but does not exceed 10,000 thousand rubles. inclusive


RUB 10,000,000 1 kopeck and more


If you doubt the correctness of your own calculations, entrust this task to professionals. The customs broker SB Cargo will check whether the HS code has been correctly identified, promptly calculate customs payments, taking into account all the nuances and deposit the required amount on your behalf. In this case, delays in customs clearance due to insufficient financial resources contributed as security for the payment of customs payments are excluded.

How can we help

The SB Cargo company is engaged in customs clearance and cargo transportation of goods from China to Russia and vice versa on a turnkey basis. At least two options for customs clearance are used: to your contact and to our company. In the latter case, not you, but we act as a foreign trade agent and interact with the supplier, airline, customs and tax authorities. Your company is not legally involved in a foreign economic transaction, i.e. it is not mentioned in the foreign economic activity contract and other documents.

Any delays in transportation and customs clearance of a consignment are fraught with additional costs. We are able to minimize financial costs, save your time thanks to many years of experience with this direction of cargo transportation. Cargo transportation and customs clearance services are performed on the basis of a brokerage agreement. You can consult about these services free of charge, but this requires basic documents. To make more or less accurate calculations, you need at least an invoice. You can leave an application for cargo delivery and / or customs clearance by phone, on the website and by e-mail. Please note that we only process applications from corporate mail.

Dear customers! We only work with cargo owners and ready-made commercial documentation for the goods. To get advice, you need to sign a customs representation agreement with us and provide: a signed foreign trade contract, invoice, packing list. Please form requests from the company's corporate email address. Requests from email addresses registered on free mail services, in accordance with the company's security policy, fall into SPAM
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