The certificate of the customs representative of FCS of Russia No. 0875/00


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We provide a full range of services for business in the field of foreign trade: from customs clearance and transport logistics to legal support for the activities of our clients.
The goal of our work is to promote the development of the business of companies that import or export goods in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Work geography
Our company carries out customs clearance at various customs authorities of the FCS of Russia, including: With the transition to electronic declaration, the submission of documents in electronic form is carried out in the CEDs:
  • Aviation CED, Sheremetyevsky customs post;
  • Moscow Regional CED Krasnoarmeisky customs post;
  • Central EDC Stabninsky customs post;
  • Baltic CED;
  • St. Petersburg CED;
  • Novorossiysk CED;
  • Vladivostok CED and others.
We deliver goods by any type of transport from door to door from any point of the world.

We provide basic conditions for cooperation with the seal of the customs representative in relation to imported goods:
  1. Aviation customs post (electronic declaration center)

    Airport Domodedovo, Sheremetyevo, Vnukovo:

    The rate for registration 1 DT (1 air waybill): as agreed by the parties;

  2. Moscow Regional Customs Post (electronic declaration center).

    The rate for registration of 1 DT with TSW (1 vehicle): as agreed by the parties.

  3. Novorossiysk customs post (electronic declaration center)

    The rate for registration of 1 DT (ordinary cargo, not phyto): as agreed by the parties.

  4. St. Petersburg Customs Post (electronic declaration center)

    The rate for registration of 1 DT with TSW (1 vehicle): as agreed by the parties.

  5. Electronic declaration centers:

    The rate for registration of 1 DT (1 vehicle): as agreed by the parties.

  6. Selection of HS codes, legal advice, non-tariff regulation: included in the rate.

The cost of a customs broker is not always the same. It depends on many factors. First of all, the price is influenced by the region and the customs post of clearance. The fact is that customs have different competencies with regard to customs clearance of goods. In addition, automotive temporary storage warehouses are commercial. Accordingly, their services are paid separately, at a fairly high price. Temporary storage warehouses located in the Moscow region provide services at the highest prices, which cannot but affect the cost of customs clearance. At regional customs posts, the cost of storing cargo in the customs control zone is less, therefore, the total cost of services is reduced.

Pricing is influenced by the complexity of preparing for customs clearance. It, in turn, depends on the type of cargo. For example, dangerous goods, phyto-goods, cultural values imply the receipt of additional documents, because of this, the time and labor costs of a customs representative

Another factor that has a significant impact on the cost of customs services is quantitative:

  1. If one vehicle carries goods that pass under different contracts, the same number of customs declarations will be required as there are contracts. A certain amount is charged for processing each declaration.
  2. If there is only one contract, but there are several vehicles that carry goods under this contract, the customs clearance will also rise, because the vehicle will need to be placed on the territory of the customs complex, and this is a paid service.
  3. If the customs declaration contains not one, but several HS codes, then the cost of registration increases, because it is necessary to carry out separate preparatory work for each of the codes. The list of documents for each position may differ quite significantly.
Finally, the cost of customs services is influenced by experience, both the general experience of the company in foreign economic activity and the experience of working with a specific client. In the first case, services will cost more if the company has been on the market for a long time and has earned a positive reputation. The risk of delays in customs clearance in cooperation with an experienced organization is significantly reduced. The customs representative of such an organization knows how to get out of a difficult situation, what documents will be required for a particular product.

Despite the experience, the first delivery usually takes longer, because it is necessary to establish interaction with the customer, clarify all the nuances for him, develop a strategy, collect a package of documentation. Subsequent deliveries are carried out according to an already worked out scheme, therefore, the speed of customs clearance increases, and the services of a customs representative are cheaper.

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