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Delivery of groupage cargoes is a question that interests many of our customers. After all, this allows you to save money and reduce the time of transportation. Delivery from China and other countries is the leading direction of our activity, and we do our work with high efficiency.

Groupage cargo is a joint collection and shipment of a consignment along a common route, but to different recipients.

The peculiarity of groupage cargo is the possibility of sending goods by piece or sending goods of small weight and volume.
Also, a feature of the combined cargo is reduced rates of the cost of transportation, because, in this case, you do not need to rent the entire cargo container, only the area occupied by your cargo is paid.

We provide a range of services for the transportation of goods from any country to Russia: transportation of equipment, industrial products, consumer goods, spare parts, components and other things.

SB CARGO carries out delivery of goods of any parties with a volume of 30 kilograms from any country in the world to Russia and back. The correct schedule of transportation and optimally calculated degree of consolidation of goods directly ensure the quality and speed of transportation of the necessary cargo. Long-term experience in the market of logistic services allows us to guarantee our clients clearness and urgency in work, and also to establish the prices most favorable to the cargo owner. Transportation of goods with our help is an absolute guarantee of reliability and compliance with deadlines.

The delivery of groupage cargo to Russia is the most demanded today. By transporting goods in this way, we can solve the following global problems:
  • Benefit for the customer - no overpayment for excess cargo space. Delivery payment is calculated according to the volume and weight of the position. Transport company services are paid in conjunction with other customers.
  • Benefit for the executing company - transport is used more efficiently.
  • Ecology -reducing the number of trips reduces pollution.
Transportation is always carried out by the transport that is optimal in each case. This makes it possible to transport groupage goods at a favourable price. An individual approach allowsto optimize the lead time. We can ship groupage cargo by air, by sea, by car or in a railway carriage. More complex logistics chains are also possible.
Dear customers! We only work with cargo owners and ready-made commercial documentation for the goods. To get advice, you need to sign a customs representation agreement with us and provide: a signed foreign trade contract, invoice, packing list. Please form requests from the company's corporate email address. Requests from email addresses registered on free mail services, in accordance with the company's security policy, fall into SPAM
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