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International Railway Transportation

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The convenience and accessibility of international rail transport is quite popular among our customers. Indeed, this mode of transportation is characterized by high speed and safety of the delivery of goods. For example, for the carriages of large volumes of raw materials, bulk cargo, building materials and others, rail transportation is the best solution. Delivery is carried out promptly, safely and with the best price / speed ratio. The widespread use of this type of transportation is explained by the financial benefit, in most cases, rates for rail transportation are quite low. It should be noted, that such transportation is a good solution in case of large volumes of goods, and in the delivery of a small number of commodity items as part of a groupage cargo.

A cost-effective solution is also the railway transportation of groupage cargo of small-sized goods. This method is actively used by individual entrepreneurs and large companies. Stable functioning of railway networks guarantees safe delivery of goods just in time.

International Railway Transportation – Cost

The cost of services is calculated depending on the distance of transportation, as well as on the type and weight of the cargo transported.

Experienced staff of SB Cargo will select the type of car for you, offer the best route option, and determine the loading and unloading timing. Logistic solutions are developed individually for each client in order to minimize unnecessary process and final costs of the client.

Comprehensive services «SB CARGO» on railway transportation:

  • transportation;
  • loading and unloading operations;
  • storage of various commodity items;
  • forwarding support;
  • multimodal schemes of transportation of groupage cargoes.

Advantages at work with «SB CARGO»:

  • selection of the best route and mode of transport;
  • sending wagons as soon as possible;
  • favorable tariff rates;
  • tracking and control of the movement of goods;
  • we timely inform our clients on the current location of the transported goods.
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