The certificate of the customs representative of FCS of Russia No. 0875/00

CED the Moscow customs

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Moscow CED carries out customs operations in respect of the declared goods using information technologies. Information on the declared goods is submitted in electronic form. The declaration is registered automatically in less than a minute, which speeds up the passage of customs procedures. The post under the code 10129060 is located at the address: 115404, Moscow, st. 6th Radial, 1. The CED is located in the department of the Moscow customs of the Central Customs Administration of the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation.

Here the customs bodies carry out customs clearance of oversized, groupage, general, valuable, dangerous and any other cargo. There is a laboratory for phytosanitary and veterinary control. Cargoes can be delivered by any type of transport and declared without the participation of the declarant. The competence of the Moscow CED extends to the entire territory of the Russian Federation.


Contact phones of the Moscow CED:

  • department of documentation support - 8 (495) 530-10-42;

  • hotline telephone - 8 (903) 796-65-50.


Working hours:

  • Monday-Friday: 9 am to 6 pm;

  • two days off - Saturday and Sunday.

In order to pass customs procedures as quickly as possible, you need to fill out all the documents correctly and provide the most complete information about the cargo. The documents are sent through the service "Personal account of the participant of foreign economic activity", certified by an electronic signature. The company "SB Cargo" is a licensed customs representative and will help to carry out customs clearance of goods of any category and release them under any customs procedure. You can rely on us, filling out the documents, we will make sure that there are no mistakes. The cost of our services is reasonable, and consultations on foreign economic activity are free. You can clarify the information by phone +7 (499) 643-43-06 or write to e-mail

Legislation in the Russian Federation is changing rapidly, so the information in this article could lose relevance. We recommend you to contact our specialists, who will consult you for free and answer Your questions. This can be done by filling out the form below or by calling +7 (499) 643-43-06
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