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25 november 2020

Thailand is located in Southeast Asia on the Indochina Peninsula. It is not only a beautiful country with a unique culture, but also an active trade partner of many countries, including Russia. Every year, a variety of goods are transported to the territory of the Russian Federation from Thailand and back by different trade routes. Goods are sent both in the form of public procurement, and in the form of orders from private individuals and legal entities.

25 november 2020

IATA is an organization that plays an important role in air transportation, namely security, standardization, and training. You can become an IATA member or agent. The first can only be airlines, the second status is given to companies engaged in cargo transportation, such as SB Cargo. There are about 250 IATA members and 5,000 agents worldwide.

23 november 2020

China is the largest exporter in the world, with huge volumes of cargo crossing its border every day. Air cargo is considered to be one of the most convenient and fastest ways to transport goods from China. They allow you to deliver a large or small consignment of goods to the territory of Russia in the shortest possible time. However, there are some features that should be studied.

20 november 2020
Singapore is an island state. Delivery of goods from this country is possible only by sea or by air. Most often, an aircraft is chosen to transport cargo from Moscow to Singapore. The popularity of air travel is due to the speed and safety of delivery. However, this type of transportation has not only many advantages, but also a number of features that should be taken into account.

17 november 2020
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