The certificate of the customs representative of FCS of Russia No. 0875/00

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29 march 2021
Petersburg is a large Russian city located close to the Russian customs border. It has a well-developed infrastructure and due to its location is of great importance for foreign economic activity.
28 march 2021
Novorossiysk is a large transport hub located in the south of Russia. Various types of cargo are cleared here. The Novorossiysk port, which is located in the Tsemesskaya Bay, is of the greatest importance for foreign economic activity.
28 march 2021
In Russia, a large number of companies are registered participants in foreign economic activity. Everyone is faced with the need for customs clearance or customs clearance of goods, but not all of them are engaged in customs clearance on their own.
28 march 2021
Russians will be able to choose which COVID-19 vaccine to vaccinate. In addition to domestic vaccines, imported vaccines will be available. The import rules will not be the same, some of the drugs can be imported into Russia using a relatively simple scheme. At the same time, our vaccines will be and are even already being exported abroad.
25 november 2020

Cargo transportation from Japan to Russia is one of the most dynamic areas in the logistics services market. Their intensity does not decrease. The large export turnover of Japan, which occupies the fourth place in the world by volume, is facilitated by the very unstable state of the domestic Japanese currency.

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