The certificate of the customs representative of FCS of Russia No. 0875/00

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25 september 2020
Due to the stricter rules for registration of foreign-registered business jets intended for commercial use, special attention is required to the choice of the customs regime. Mistakes lead to the application of sanctions by the FCS.
26 august 2020
Port Bronka is the deepest Baltic port, located within the administrative boundaries of the Big Port of St. Petersburg. Carriers appreciated the positive aspects of the Bronka seaport in comparison with the St. Petersburg Big Seaport.
26 august 2020
The Kashirsky customs post is under the authority of the Moscow Regional Customs and is located at 142000, Moscow Region, Domodedovo, st.Logisticheskaya, 1/6, bldg. 7B. This is the near Moscow region, 10 km from the Moscow Ring Road along the M4 highway.
26 august 2020
The Nakhodka seaport includes several terminals, among which universal, oil, fish, where various cargoes are transshipped.
26 august 2020
Vladivostok Commercial Sea Port is the largest transport and logistics hub with a well-developed infrastructure and modern hydraulic equipment. The risk of emergency situations is minimized, and the time spent on cargo handling is reduced.
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