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Most of the large companies engaged in trade and manufacturing business are forced to import certain goods, raw materials, equipment. Quite low customs duties on the import of many goods made foreign economic activity a profitable business line. But it is worth noting the complexity of the organization of foreign economic activity and the complication of customs procedures. The SB Cargo company provides an import support service. This includes negotiations with the supplier under the concluded contract, discussion of the current shipment, verification and correction of documents in accordance with the rules, related services of a financial and legal nature.

For whom our services

The import support service is primarily of interest to large brand companies that are faced with the need to import goods, but for one reason or another do not want to create their own import department. For example, when the import of goods is relatively rare.
Suppose, that there is a supplier of goods, a contract has been concluded with him, but you also need to agree with the supplier, receive accompanying documents from him, carry out certification or declaration, decide by what transport and route the cargo will be transported, what kind of the transport company and at which customs post it will clear customs. Accordingly, at each stage, it is necessary not only to negotiate and make decisions, but also to legally formalize the transaction - to prepare certain documents.

It is not profitable for all companies to maintain an import department and have several qualified specialists with practical experience for these tasks, because they need to pay wages, sick days and holidays, regardless of the number of supplies. By outsourcing import support, the customer not only saves money, but also entrusts the organization of delivery to professionals.

How it goes

First, the delivery details are discussed with the supplier. A dedicated department is engaged in this work. Managers, representing the interests of the customer and acting on his behalf, conduct business correspondence with suppliers abroad. Correspondence can be conducted in English or another language. They help to solve organizational issues, to ensure shipment within a predetermined time frame.

For example, negotiating with the supplier on the terms of EXW shipment (when the forwarder makes an export declaration after loading and sends the documents to the supplier), the manager specifies the conditions for sending the goods: one or more customs declarations send the goods, agrees the shipment time for preparation for customs procedures.

Managers check and correct shipping documents (invoices, packing list and others) in cooperation with the supplier, indicate errors. They send to the supplier draft shipping documents, correcting them in accordance with all the rules. Certain typos or inconsistencies of information are not so rarely allowed by the supplier, and this significantly affects the speed of customs clearance and the success of the procedure as a whole. The supplier may make a mistake in the codes of the goods or indicate other inaccurate information.

The work of the manager includes, in particular:
  • detection of discrepancies in weight (gross / net) and quantity of goods, names in the invoice, packing list or in other documents;
  • requesting and clarifying the necessary information for logistics, for example, the size and height of pallets, the number of boxes, warehouse address, loading date, contacts of the person in charge;
  • clarification of the method of packing goods and the specifics of transportation, loading / unloading;
  • obtaining a certificate for a trademark and a permit for certification;
  • organization of product certification (discussion with the supplier of the possibility of preliminary sending samples for certification);
  • checking the labeling of goods, its correction in accordance with the regulations, if necessary, the organization of labeling with CIMs;
  • initiation of the procedure for opening a letter of credit in the bank and approval of the relevant documentation.
When all agreements are reached, and the goods are shipped by the supplier, other departments are involved in the work. The certification department helps to certify product samples and obtain the necessary permits. The logistics department is directly involved in transportation. Then the customs representatives of "SB Cargo" carry out the customs clearance of the goods. Thus, we provide a full range of services, starting from the purchase of goods and ending with their delivery to the client.

Features of the import support service

You can choose a manufacturer in any country, and we will arrange delivery, solving the accompanying problems. You only must find a supplier and conclude a contract with him on your own. Only after that, the manager of "SB Cargo" will be connected to work. We need primary documents, in particular a contract. We need to know which supplier we will work with, what product we need to buy. "SB Cargo" can undertake the entire remaining volume of work.

Acting on behalf of the customer company and on his behalf, the manager of the import support department:
  • will contact the supplier and send him the necessary instructions;
  • prepare documents (for example, letters of approval for trademarks);
  • check the shipping documents from the supplier: invoice, packing list, specification, certificate of origin (if any);
  • coordinates the shipment process;
  • organizes certification;
  • will ensure the implementation of the necessary processing operations in a transit warehouse or customs warehouse, including marking with CIM, DataMatrix or other;
  • organizes transportation by any type of transport through the logistics department;
  • calculates delivery costs;
  • will appoint a customs representative who will declare the cargo, handle customs clearance and represent the interests of the customer directly at the customs;
  • will resolve legal issues if a customs value adjustmentis assigned.
In fact, the import support manager coordinates the work of all departments: logistics, legal, customs clearance, mutual settlements.
We emphasize that some of the preliminary work is done first by the client.

Your tasks:
  1. Choose a supplier and product.
  2. Decide on the terms of delivery and payment.
  3. Conclude a foreign economic activity contract.
  4. Select products.
  5. Transfer the information to the SB Cargo representative.
Our tasks:
  1. Calculation of the cost of delivery.
  2. Preparing a payment schedule.
  3. Choosing a logistic scheme, route, transport company - concluding contracts with carriers on your behalf.
  4. Coordination of shipment of goods.
  5. Obtaining and checking the accompanying documentation.
  6. Organization of transportation.
  7. Product certification.
  8. Customs clearance.
  9. Assistance with registration of foreign exchange transactions.
The manager is assigned to each delivery and acts as an intermediary between the supplier and the customer. At the same time, the employees of the brand company receive all the necessary information at all stages and thus can control the progress of the delivery.

Benefits of cooperation with "SB Cargo"

Advantages of import support with SB Cargo:
  • formation of a positive image of your company;
  • quick solution of organizational issues;
  • control of all operations from your side with minimal time costs;
  • the ability to work with several suppliers in different countries and the use of logistic schemes of any complexity;
  • payment for each delivery, and not for a month of work;
  • the possibility of successfully conducting foreign economic activity, without going into the intricacies of the process, without interrupting the main business activity;
  • absolute legality of all transactions;
  • cargo safety.
"SB Cargo" offers clients support for import deliveries, as well as a comprehensive service, including work with a supplier under the concluded agreement, transportation, certification and customs clearance.
Dear customers! We only work with cargo owners and ready-made commercial documentation for the goods. To get advice, you need to sign a customs representation agreement with us and provide: a signed foreign trade contract, invoice, packing list. Please form requests from the company's corporate email address. Requests from email addresses registered on free mail services, in accordance with the company's security policy, fall into SPAM
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