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Customs clearance of goods at the railway station "Selyatino"

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Selyatino railway station is the final terminal station on the route of goods from China. The Selyatinsky customs station, the Alabinsky customs station, the East-West cargo container terminal, and the temporary storage warehouse of LLC Terminal Selyatino are located here.

Customs posts


The address of the Selyatinsky customs post (10013180): 143345, Moscow region, Naro-Fominsky city district, w.s. Selyatino, st. Vokzalnaya, building 2A. Phone: +7 (499) 648-85-22.

The customs post has been operating since January 29, 2019. It was created on the basis of the Stupinsky customs post of the Moscow Regional Customs, the previously assigned departmental code was left. This moving is connected with the construction of a large export-import agrological hub "Terminal East-West". The complex is designed to handle cargo regularly arriving by rail from China. From here, products are exported from Russia to China, the countries of Southeast Asia and others.

Due to the joint location of the Selyatinsky customs post and the East-West terminal, a full range of customs clearance services is provided here, including inspection, inspection (3 dedicated inspection zones), weighing, sampling, veterinary and phytosanitary support, quarantine studies in laboratory conditions. 


The Alabinsky customs post is located near the Selyatino station, which is subordinate to the Central Excise Customs. Address: Sportivnaya st., 2, bldg. 2, working settlement Selyatino. Customs code: 10009020. Phone: +7 (499) 346-39-34. The Moscow-Minsk Federal Highway is 10 km away. The customs post is located on the territory of the temporary storage warehouse of Terminal Selyatino LLC. This is a platform for customs clearance of excisable goods:

  • alcoholic beverages;
  • transport vehicles;
  • special equipment;
  • tobacco and tobacco products.

Features of the terminal and TSW

terminal vostok-zapad.jpg

The cargo terminal "East-West" is located at the address: 143345, Moscow region, Naro-Fominsk district, working village Selyatino, st. Vokzalnaya, land plot 2A, namely, 37 km from the Moscow Ring Road and 500 m from the A107 highway. It includes:

  • transport and logistics platform;
  • refrigeration complex of high design capacity;
  • agro-industrial park;
  • a park of technical and transport equipment;
  • production and office premises.

It occupies a total area of 68 hectares. The territory can accommodate up to 150 vehicles.

Various categories of cargo are processed:

  • perishable goods and food products: meat, fish, seafood, milk, fruits and vegetables - the terminal is the largest processing site;
  • dangerous - except for 1 and 7 classes;
  • groupage;
  • oversized;
  • requiring the maintenance of a special temperature regime;
  • passenger cars - area for handling, parking and unloading from containers (for 4,000 cars).

For storage of goods, refrigerated warehouses for low-temperature storage are provided for 42 thousand tons (refrigerating and freezing chambers with an area of ​​272 m3) and dry warehouses for 120 thousand pallet spaces (the area of ​​the heated warehouse is 1500 m2), which are serviced using specialized handling equipment.

Cargoes delivered by various types of transport are accepted: cars, trains (covered wagons, ref wagons, thermos wagons, high-speed block trains). The technical possibility of handling containers arriving by rail and road transport, including refrigerated ones, is provided.


  • responsible storage of goods;
  • own railway tracks with a total length of 16 km with the possibility of leaving on the public track of Selyatino railway station. Loading and unloading tracks - 6 * 1050 m;
  • container terminal for 10,000 TEU of one-time storage, working 24/7;
  • modern fire extinguishing and security system;
  • proximity to major transport routes;
  • modern technical equipment;
  • handling of various categories of goods;
  • WMS is a system for automated accounting.

Unlike the "East-West" terminal, the temporary storage warehouse "Terminal Selyatino" is the oldest excise customs terminal, which makes it possible to carry out customs clearance of excise goods. It belongs to the Alabinsky customs post. There are 3 railway lines approaching the warehouse territory. At the same time, it is possible to service up to 16 railway wagons and up to 100 eurotrucks.


  • open area - 8758 m2;
  • heated TSW - 7100 m2;
  • heated commercial warehouse - 7500 m2;
  • customs warehouse - 360 m2;
  • modern handling equipment;
  • car terminal.

The car terminal was launched in May 2006. Unloading, temporary storage and customs clearance of cars and special equipment arriving in "Grid" cars, on open platforms, in car carriers is carried out here. For cars that have not passed customs clearance, there is a SVH for 5500 m2. Customs-cleared cars are stored on the site for 2000 seats.

The customs representative of the SB Cargo company will help to carry out customs clearance of all types of goods arriving at the Selyatino railway station, including excisable goods, perishable goods, containers with groupage cargo or others.

Dear customers! We only work with cargo owners and ready-made commercial documentation for the goods. To get advice, you need to sign a customs representation agreement with us and provide: a signed foreign trade contract, invoice, packing list. Please form requests from the company's corporate email address. Requests from email addresses registered on free mail services, in accordance with the company's security policy, fall into SPAM
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