The certificate of the customs representative of FCS of Russia No. 0875/00

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08 june 2021
Cargo certification is carried out in order to confirm the safety and quality of products. Due to the complexity of the preparation of documentation and the associated time costs, cargo owners often require third-party assistance in certification.
08 june 2021
The SB Cargo company provides an import support service. This includes negotiations with the supplier under the concluded contract, discussion of the current shipment, verification and correction of documents in accordance with the rules, related services of a financial and legal nature.
29 march 2021
Since July 31, 2020, the Moscow Customs post of the CED has been renamed into the Central Customs Post (CCED) of the Central Electronic Customs. Customs operations are carried out in relation to the declared goods using information technologies.
29 march 2021
"Bely Rast" is a new container terminal for receiving goods from China, which belongs to the Lobnensky customs post of the Moscow regional customs. "Bely Rast" was created within the framework of the program for the development of the national railway system, approved by the government of the Russian Federation.
29 march 2021
Selyatino railway station is the final terminal station on the route of goods from China. From here, products are exported from Russia to China, the countries of Southeast Asia and others.
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