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Dealing with customs clearance issues, solving problems of international transportation, you have to not only draw up the appropriate package of documents, but also follow the innovations in this area, comply with applicable laws, rules, restrictions, admissions. An expert approach not only significantly reduces costs, but also guarantees avoiding fines, all kinds of sanctions, other kinds of troubles, disputes, conflicts. The Sheremetyevo customs broker specializes in providing customs representative services, guarantees an individual approach for each client.


In the EEU, in 2018, the Customs Code on the regulation of customs relations and relationships at the international level entered into force. Therefore, in this country, Russian legislation has also adopted new rules for the functioning of customs, publishing, the law "Customs regulation in the Russian Federation and amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation." Based on these legislative acts, the FCS will officially work with electronic documentation, quickly use a more unified reporting form, which is very important for the legal registration of consolidated cargo, as well as posting advance payments and other transactions for the disposal of clients' funds.

SB Cargo: customs broker services at Sheremetyevo

Export / import, processed at Sheremetyevo, always requires compliance with legal aspects, preparation of necessary cargo declarations, fulfillment other conventions so as not to violate international and Russian legislation. Therefore, our company SB Cargo offers a whole range of customs broker services at Sheremetyevo, having a staffed staff of highly qualified and competent specialists. By contacting us for a service, everyone can directly use:

  • operational preparation, the formation of full package of documents required for customs;

  • calculation of the cost of customs services, ensuring the protection of the client's interests at a professional level for the execution of planned transactions;

  • service for customs clearance of goods;

  • services for preparation, organization of international transportation of certified goods.


SB Cargo specialists work smoothly and efficiently, they know all the changes in the Customs Code, monitor the requirements for legislative acts and regulations. The professional approach of a customs broker at Sheremetyevo will not only provide a high-quality service, but also guarantee a decent level of logistics and legal support in all processes for the delivery of goods.

Advantages of SB Cargo specialists

When registering a cargo with passage through customs, it is important not only to promptly prepare a full package of the required forms of documentation, but also to competently execute, fill out declarations, all kinds of acts and contracts. This will help to avoid difficulties during customs clearance, customs clearance of cargo places, will ensure the transportation of declared goods with a minimum investment of time and finance.With our help, your goods will pass all customs procedures as quickly as possible. 


Our main advantages:

  • we choose the optimal transportation schedule;

  • we make several options for the transportation of goods at once, providing information about the total costs, the timing of the order;

  • we have a whole database of reliable, proven carriers, which will allow you to find a suitable type of vehicle or use multimodal transportation services in the shortest possible time;

  • we are also ready to ensure the safe delivery of goods abroad with insurance of the transported cargo, with tracking of goods, clarification of their status.

Our customs representative is engaged in the clearance of goods and goods for customs control, performs customs clearance, carries out dispatch, delivery of packages, containers both to China or the USA, and to Europe. Foreign economic activity outsourcing is also carried out at a high level, if required.

What are “the tricks” of foreign trade outsourcing?


Specializing in the organization, delivery, as well as customs clearance of goods, goods, the SB Cargo company will help to complete everything extremely quickly, in full compliance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation and the countries where orders are sent. If you need a Sheremetyevo customs broker, you are invited to directly contact our electronic service, which, if necessary, will provide foreign economic activity outsourcing services. This includes:

  1. Full calculation of customs payments, which are formed on the basis of export, import duties, as well as customs duties, excise taxes, including the cost of paying value added tax.

  2. The use of certified logistics specialists who will select a trusted, reliable supplier, all negotiations for the delivery of the planned transportation of goods, equipment or cargo in containers.

  3. Preparation of relevant certificates, licenses, permits for the legal transportation of goods to other countries.

  4. The ability to choose the best option, taking into account prices, delivery time, movement patterns, use of special equipment, and other types of transport.

  5. The calculated agreed cost of a specific transportation with the customer, where all associated costs will be taken into account, will not change after the official signing of the contract.

Customs broker serving clients in Sheremetyevo:

  • will provide customs clearance of the goods, fill in the appropriate forms of documents, make a count, pay customs duties;

  • will place goods in a warehouse, it can be pallets, containers, with optimal conditions for storing goods, equipment, special cargo, which is also moved in refrigerators;

  • will deliver the pre-insured cargo on the terms specified in the previously signed contract, accompanied by the relevant documents, certificates, permits.

You should not trust your choice to unverified customs brokers. It is important to remember that this procedure is rather complicated and requires the participation of experts. Therefore, it is best to contact us directly. We are ready to provide this service in a complex, and if you have any questions, we will always answer you.

On the site you can use an online calculator to calculate the approximate cost of shipping goods from anywhere in the world to the destination of the Russian Federation. It is enough to put information - to and from what place the delivery is planned, indicate your phone number to receive an official calculation, clarify all the nuances of the price, the timing.

You can write to us at any time, send an application to the e-mail address or call the contact phone +7 (499) 643-43-06. We have extensive experience in this area, our company has only specialized experts. Our office address: Domodedovo, Aviation microdistrict, st. Ilyushin, 2A. We work with both regular and new clients, helping customers to save energy, nerves and money, as well as avoid fines, exclude cargo delays at customs.

We advise you to immediately contact our specialists with an application to SB Cargo. We will try to help in the shortest possible time and for a reasonable cost in solving a variety of issues that relate to customs clearance of goods, registration, order support, regardless of the level of complexity of delivery.

Dear customers! We only work with cargo owners and ready-made commercial documentation for the goods. To get advice, you need to sign a customs representation agreement with us and provide: a signed foreign trade contract, invoice, packing list. Please form requests from the company's corporate email address. Requests from email addresses registered on free mail services, in accordance with the company's security policy, fall into SPAM
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