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Vnukovo Airport is one of the largest international air traffic hubs in Russia. In 2019, he took third place in terms of air transportation in the entire Russian Federation. At the same time, it is distinguished by the most developed network of internal routes in the Russian Federation. In order to avoid errords in the transportation of goods, it is better to use the services of a customs representative offering services for paperwork support of export, import and transit.

Why do you need a customs broker at Vnukovo?


Intense cargo traffic requires skills at work. The involvement of such specialists as customs representatives allows us to provide proper support for all operations carried out at Vnukovo: import, export, transit and others. They help to prepare a set of documents, draw up and submit a customs declaration, calculate the amount of payments.

Great opportunities attract many companies. Competition has a positive effect on the quality of services provided. A customs broker at Vnukovo, if he wants to earn money, adapts flexibly to clients. We offer customers daily work without days off. 24/7 support is available, if required.

Contacting a customs broker at Vnukovo Airport means engaging a legal entity that provides professional services. To make sure of its eligibility, it is enough to make aware of the certificate of the customs representative issued by the FCS of Russia. If this document is not available, the legal entity is not allowed to provide customs clearance services. A broker also help clients with the reception and processing of any type of cargo.

Using the services of a representative at Vnukovo, the registration procedure takes 3-4 hours. This is especially important if you transport perishable or urgent goods. Flexible policy allows you to discuss the provision of services on an individual basis, the representative adjusts to each individual foreign economic participant. Thanks to an individual approach, you can get all the necessary certificates and permits on the day of arrival, avoiding the delay of transportation of goods.

Registration process


How does a customs broker work at Vnukovo airport? Let’s look at the procedure of import. Initially, when goods arrive, they are transported to temporary storage warehouses. Immediately upon arrival, it is problematic to establish the status of the cargo, because it must be unloaded, sent to a temporary storage warehouse, draw up primary customs documents, weigh and recalculate, check the condition of the packaging.

We also have to take into account the peculiarities of the work of other state bodies. For example, if a product is subject to quarantine inspection, then its analysis is not carried out at theweekend. Alas, even the best broker at Vnukovo is powerless to help here. If such a cargo arrived on Saturday, you will have to pay for its storage until Monday at the warehouse. To avoid such unpleasant situations, you should consult with a customs broker, be sure to inform the representative about this. It is necessary to describe the cargo in detail so that the specialists working at Vnukovo airport take into account all the details. AtVnukovo airport, the principle of one "window" is not implemented, when functions for some types of state control are transferred to the customs authorities of the Russian Federation.

It is important to note that in accordance with paragraph 5 of Art. 128 of the EAEU Customs Code, goods subject to sanitary and quarantine, veterinary, quarantine phytosanitary and other types of state control (supervision) are placed under the customs procedure only after the implementation of the appropriate type of state control (supervision).

It should be noted, that there is no universal list of the sequence of operations performed by a customs broker at Vnukovo. The specific stages of the registration process depend on the type of the chosen procedure, the category of the participant in foreign economic activity and the type of goods. In general, the order will look like this: 

  • consulting on customs clearance and placing in temporary storage warehouses;
  • collection and verification of the full required package of documents;

  • classification of goods based on the nomenclature of HS code;

  • assistance in the application process;

  • providing support for customs clearance of goods for export and import;

  • quick cargo clearance through Vnukovo.

For those who are just taking their first steps in foreign economic activity, advice on a quick, free passage of the control procedure is very valuable. After all, this saves time, nerves, and often money.It is always a big issue in the business press.

Choosing a customs broker


The main question is how to choose a competent representative. SB Cargo offers its help in organizing the bureaucratic process. SB Cargo provides customs brokerage services at Vnukovo and advises on issues related to the transportation of goods. Our company is always ready to answer and clarify any points. Customs broker SB Cargo has a great experience in successfully passing procedures and allows you to save energy, money and nerves. Use one of the contacts of the representative office at Vnukovo:

"SB Cargo" will help quickly resolve all issues in the shortest possible time and for a reasonable fee. In 2019, a full set for one air waybill started at 15 thousand rubles. The speed of passing all procedures will compensate for all costs. Do not delay your request, call right now.

Dear customers! We only work with cargo owners and ready-made commercial documentation for the goods. To get advice, you need to sign a customs representation agreement with us and provide: a signed foreign trade contract, invoice, packing list. Please form requests from the company's corporate email address. Requests from email addresses registered on free mail services, in accordance with the company's security policy, fall into SPAM
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