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If you need to move cargoes or goods to other countries, deliver goods and urgent orders from abroad, you will have to directly cooperate with not only lawyers, competent logistics services, specialized logistics centers, but also use the services of a customs broker at Domodedovo or other Moscow airports.


How to order a customs brokerage service?

Working with a customs broker is the best way to ensure that your goods are successfully imported and exported. The customs broker will help you clear goods that have arrive in Russia and prepare a complete package of documents for sending goods or urgent orders abroad.

It is very important before choosing a particular customs broker:

  • to Issue applications for calculation the cost of the service in several companies at once - this will allow you to compare offers not only in terms of price, deadlines, but also to identify the advantages and limitations of foreign trade outsourcing;

  • to collect information about the company and the availability of issued certificates and necessary permits of the service provided;

  • to assess the reputation of the customs broker and the level of his qualification. He will promptly prepare a full package of documents for customs, as well as fill out and timely submit a CD (customs declaration), make a calculation of payments.


SB Cargo has a certificate on inclusion in the Register of Customs representative. Our company provide full range of services including clearance of exported / imported goods and delivery of cargos that arrive in the territory of the Russian Federation. If you need a service of customs broker at Domodedovo, we advise you to contact SB Cargo. Our company specializes in international transportation, outsourcing of foreign trade activities, registration of declarations for goods not only in Moscow, but also in the Moscow region.

Features of the work of a customs representative

Acting as a customs representative, a specialized broker will help you in solving other issues related to logistics. By official application of a foreign trade participant, specialists of the SB Cargo:

  • carry out cargo clearance at the Domodedovo customs post;
  • strictly follow the provisions of the Customs Code of the EAEU, observe the rules and conditions in working with declared goods;

  • receive the powers of the declarants (owners) for processing the declared cargo.


Our customs representatives bear full legal responsibility to their customers and customs. High-qualified brokers carry out operations with the declared cargos,regardless of the complexity of the application. We also fully adhere to the provisions of the EAEU Customs Code and the requirements, that are spelled out in the brokerage agreement.

Experienced declarants carry out the clearance of goods in the required mode, in full compliance with the regulations of procedures. A customs broker in Domodedovo helps to clear:

  • import - release and clearance of goods for domestic consumption;
  • export - goods and cargos that are supplied to the external market, pass the declaration, customs clearance;

  • customs transit - the cargos sends to another country.

Domodedovo Airport is an international level of cargo transportation with the largest transport interchange. It has developed a huge air network covering more than 200 directions. If you need a Domodedovo customs broker, it is recommended to fill an application for calculating the cost of the ordered services.

SB Cargo: advantages of cooperation with the company


Serving clients of Domodedovo, SB Cargo carry out international air transportation as well as customs clearance. Our customs service can also include:

  • preparation of necessary documents and registration of a whole package for customs. We work with customers not only from the Russian Federation, but also from Europe, America, the Middle East and Pacific regions;

  • initial free consultation on any customs issues, providing a declarant service for drafting, submitting a special form of customs declaration, that shortens risks in the delivery of goods in any direction;

  • the selection of codes for the declared goods, adhering to the provisions of the HS code;

  • preliminary inspection of the cargo, customs examination of registered containers or other cargo items –post items, packages, parcels;

  • carrying out customs clearance, re-import / re-export;

  • certification, insurance of goods;

  • clearance in the international customs operations.

The potential client probably understands that this procedure is quite complex and requires the participation of an experienced broker agent. To resolve issues related to customs clearance, international delivery of goods, it is better to contact us. We provide this type of service for any category of customers on a door-to-door basis.

If any questions arise, our specialists are always ready to answer, advise in detail on a given topic. Write to us and send requests for a calculation to the email address: You can immediately call +7 (499) 643-43-06 or drive up directly to the office, which is located at the address in Domodedovo - Aviation microdistrict, st.Ilyushin, 2a.

Thanks to extensive experience in the field of foreign trade,we strive to provide both professional and highly personalized serviceat the most competitive rates. We offer the best option and select a reliable carrier. Having trusted customs clearance of your cargo to our experienced representatives, you do not have to overpay to the intermediary, solve issues of customs clearance of goods and international transportation on your own.

Since 2018, the Customs Code in the EEC came into force, which led to a change in the rules in the work of customs and in Russian legislation. A new law "On customs regulation in the Russian Federation and on amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation" was adopted on 03.08.2018 No. 289-FZ. According to this law, the FCS will easily work with electronic forms of documents, they will be legally significant for the disposal of funds and advance payments. In 2019 the new reporting form will significantly unify the entering data, simplifying the work of customs representatives and their clients.

Dear customers! We only work with cargo owners and ready-made commercial documentation for the goods. To get advice, you need to sign a customs representation agreement with us and provide: a signed foreign trade contract, invoice, packing list. Please form requests from the company's corporate email address. Requests from email addresses registered on free mail services, in accordance with the company's security policy, fall into SPAM
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