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Novorossiysk is a large transport hub located in the south of Russia. Various types of cargo are cleared here. The Novorossiysk port, which is located in the Tsemesskaya Bay, is of the greatest importance for foreign economic activity.


Places of customs clearance

A section of the North Caucasian railway passes through Novorossiysk, as well as federal highways M 4 "Don" (Moscow), A-290 (Kerch). But it is the seaport of Novorossiysk that plays the most important role in the development of foreign economic activity. It is suitable for handling numerous categories of cargo including:

  • liquid cargo;
  • bulk cargo;
  • phyto goods;
  • forest;
  • equipment;
  • transport;
  • chemical industry products;
  • metals.

The location of Novorossiysk determines the list of countries from which the cargo traffic is mainly directed. These are the countries of Southern Europe, Asia and Latin America, Turkey, China. There are also customs posts where customs clearance of goods is carried out:

  • Novorossiysk central customs post;
  • Novorossiysk western customs post;
  • Novorossiysk southeastern customs post.

Read more about these customs posts in this article.

In Novorossiysk there is also an Electronic Declaration Center - Novorossiysk CED. All operations related to the electronic declaration of goods are carried out there. Moreover, Novorossiysk and the entire Southern Federal District of the Russian Federation belong to his zone of responsibility. The rest of the operations, consisting in the actual control of goods, are carried out on the spot.

In addition, the structure of the Novorossiysk customs includes:

  • Anapsky customs post;
  • Gelendzhik customs post;
  • Primorsky customs post;
  • Customs post Novorossiysk motor transport.

What can a customs broker do?


A customs broker in Novorossiysk provides comprehensive services for the clearance of goods located in the seaport, at railway stations or automobile customs posts. The competence of the customs representative of the SB Cargo company includes:

  • calculation of customs value and customs payments, including - taxes, duties, excise and customs duties;
  • determination of the product code according to the HS code for entering it into the declaration and determining the rate of customs duty, non-tariff regulation measures;
  • preparation of permits and missing documents;
  • submission of documents within the framework of electronic declaration;
  • making security for customs payments;
  • development of a route for the delivery of goods;
  • confirmation of the customs value by providing additional documents;
  • control of the safety of goods when placing them at the temporary storage warehouse;
  • protection of the client's interests in customs.

A brokerage agreement is concluded between the client and the customs representative, which defines the terms of the relationship and the responsibilities of the parties.

With the help of a customs broker, customs clearance of goods in various customs regimes (import, export, re-export, re-import, customs transit, temporary import / export and others) is possible. Customs clearance of goods is carried out:

  • prefabricated;
  • general;
  • perishable (including herbal products);
  • container;
  • free-flowing;
  • dangerous;
  • oversized and others.

By contacting a customs representative, the client saves time, reduces risks and contributes to the success of his business.

Dear customers! We only work with cargo owners and ready-made commercial documentation for the goods. To get advice, you need to sign a customs representation agreement with us and provide: a signed foreign trade contract, invoice, packing list. Please form requests from the company's corporate email address. Requests from email addresses registered on free mail services, in accordance with the company's security policy, fall into SPAM
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