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An important place in the chain of air carriages is directly their customs clearance. Only some customs authorities have the right to carry out registration of air cargo. Currently, customs are structured according to their competence of accepting declarations, depending on the mode of transport by which goods are delivered to a particular post.

Features of work of ced Sheremetyevo

It can be said.that the competence of the relevant authorities to adopt declarations depends on the categories of goods declared and on the modes of transport by which they are delivered.

Thus, the general order of the Federal Customs Service of Russia dated May 21, 2012 No. 965 “About the customs authorities competent to register customs declarations” established the principal competence of most customs posts to register declarations regardless of the mode of transport and persons transporting goods.Andthe order of FCS of Russia of March 1, 2013 No. 369 established the competence on Commission of customs operations concerning the goods transported by air. But these orders will soon be abolished.

At the transitional stage, according to the order of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, the duty to accept customs declarations is assigned to the centers of electronic Declaration (CED).In the Moscow region, Aviation Customs Post (CED) has been created and successfully operateson the basis of the Sheremetyevo Customs Code 10005030. According to the order of the FCS of Russia dated 24.12.2018 No. 2104, the entire territory of the Russian Federation is the region of operation of the aviation CED.

To get to the Electronic Declaring Center, you need to get to Sheremetyevo Airport, which is 16 km northwest of the Moscow Ring Road.

Thanks to the technology of remote declaration, customs clearance can be made at any customs post of the Sheremetyevo customs.

For cargoes arriving at Domodedovo, Sheremetyevo and Vnukovo airports, we recommend customs clearance in CED Sheremetyevo.This is one of the few CEDs that currentlyoperates 24 hours a day, 7 days a weekin order to carry out night-time operations withperishable goods, as well as goods necessary for the repair and maintenance of the operation international transport vehicles(aircraft parts).

Aviation CED Sheremetyevo serves only legal entities, individual entrepreneurs and commercial cargoes. Individuals are not served here.

The advantages of the Sheremetyevo Electronic Declaration Center:
  • declaration of goods at any Sheremetyevo customs post;
  • customs clearance of goods of any type;
  • the possibility of customs clearance of goods transported not only by aircrafts, but also by other means of transport.

Nessesary documents

For the initial registration of a legal entity in customs, a scan of the following documents will be required:
  • Memorandum of Association of the legal entity or similar document, according to which the company was established (+copy in word);
  • the Charter of the organization (+copy in word);
  • the extract from the unified state register of legal entities;
  • certificate of state registration of a legal entity (PSRN)
  • ITN (Individual Taxpayer Number) certificate;
  • a bank statement about opening accounts with the mandatory indication of ARCEO, a limitation period of not more than 1 month;
  • if the company was established before 2010, a certificate of entry in the Unified State Register;
  • a certificate from the State Statistics Committee;
  • orders of the appointment of director and accountant.
For the initial registration of an individual entrepreneur in customs, scans of documents are required:
  • passport with registration page;
  • certificate of registration of individual entrepreneur (Unified State Register of Individual Entrepreneurs
  • ITN certificate;
  • a certificate confirming the opening of an account in a bank with ARCEO, not older than one month;
  • a certificate from the State Statistics Committee

In the future, with re-customs clearance of goods, registration of the company in customs is not required.

For customs clearance of imports the following documents are required:
  • purchase / sale agreement with all additions - scan + copy in word for declarant;
  • invoice with translation - scan and original;
  • packing list - scan + original;
  • technical description of goods – scan;
  • CMR (TIR) / Air WayBill / Railway bill / Bill of Lading – original
  • certificates and other permits - scans or originals;
  • certificates of origin - originals;
  • payment orders - scans;
  • Payments confirming payment for the goods, if necessary - scans;
  • manufacturer's price list - original;
  • insurance;
  • marking of goods subject to mandatory certification - photo;
  • transport contract and bill for transport - scan;
  • export declaration - scan;
  • contact information - scan.
For customs clearance of exports the following documents will be required:
  • purchase / sale agreement with all additions - scan + copy in word;
  • invoice 6 pcs. with translation - scans and originals;
  • technical passport - scan with the seal of the organization;
  • certificates (veterinary, phytosanitary) - originals;
  • certificate of origin - originals;
  • Filled CMR (TIR) / AirWayBill / Railway bill / Bill of lading - original;
  • packing lists (6 pcs.) - originals;
  • contact information - scan;
  • certificate of payment - scan.
These lists are sample. If you want to contact the Sheremetyevo CED directly, please write to e-mail: or call:
  • +7(495)5387621 - Documentation Support Department;
  • +7(495)5387637.

We can help

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