The certificate of the customs representative of FCS of Russia No. 0875/00

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14 august 2020
CED of Ryazan Customs belongs to the department of Tula Customs of the Central Customs Administration of the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation. It started its work in 2016. The main purpose of creating this customs post is the development of information technologies in the field of customs, which speeds up the passage of customs procedures.
14 august 2020
Sheremetyevo airport is one of the largest in Russia. It is located 11 km from the Moscow Ring Road. Air transport is the fastest way to get to any destination. This airport is involved in the transportation of a huge number of passengers and cargo to different countries of the world. SB Cargo transports cargo from any foreign country to its own temporary storage warehouses in Sheremetyevo, works 24 hours a day and provides a wide range of services.
14 august 2020
The system of customs control of imported goods as commercial goods within the framework of foreign economic activity (FEA) has existed in the Russian Federation since the beginning of the 90s of the last century. Its basic principles are taken from the experience of leading European countries. From that time on, any person has the right to carry out foreign economic activity. In the USSR, foreign economic activity was carried out by the Ministry of Foreign Trade; the state had a monopoly in this area.
14 august 2020
Dealing with customs clearance issues, solving problems of international transportation, you have to not only draw up the appropriate package of documents, but also follow the innovations in this area, comply with applicable laws, rules, restrictions, admissions. An expert approach not only significantly reduces costs, but also guarantees avoiding fines, all kinds of sanctions, other kinds of troubles, disputes, conflicts. The Sheremetyevo customs broker specializes in providing customs representative services, guarantees an individual approach for each client.
14 august 2020
Moscow CED carries out customs operations in respect of the declared goods using information technologies. Information on the declared goods is submitted in electronic form. The declaration is registered automatically in less than a minute, which speeds up the passage of customs procedures.
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